Building and Carpentry Services



Terms and Conditions


1. A minimum deposit of 10% of the quoted price is payable upon placing your order.  Your job may not be booked in until this deposit is paid.

2. Progress payments will be due on a weekly basis, payable within 5 working days and will be based on work completed and materials supplied or used.

3. Final payment due 5 working days from project completion.

4. Complete payment for bespoke and custom work e.g. joinery, cabinetry, glass etc. may be required up front as suppliers often require 100% payment on placement of order.

5. Any sketches, photos, illustrations etc. are to be taken as general information, approximate and a guide only unless otherwise noted in the quote.

6. This quotation is based on the work being carried out during normal working hours.  If the purchaser requests work to be done outside those normal hours the extra charges are to be borne by the purchaser.

7. If the site is not available on the agreed date for installation and the company incurs extra costs on account of this unavailability these extra costs will be paid by the purchaser.

8. If the purchaser requires any alterations to the job quoted, these alterations are only acceptable if any extra costs are paid by the purchaser.

9. Delivery and/or installation is subject to the company having access to its normal sources of supply.  The company reserves the right to postpone or cancel delivery and/or erection in the event of inclement weather or conditions resulting therefrom, strikes, lockouts, civil commotion or riots or any cause over which the company has no control whether in the foregoing class or classes or not.  In no event will the company be liable for consequential loss or damages or claims arising out of its failure or inability to deliver or install the product under these conditions.

10.  By acceptance of this quotation, the purchaser agrees to be bound to pay the balance of the moneys to become due hereunder on completion of contract.  Such acceptance will be taken by the company as an authorisation to proceed with the work and it is expressly agreed that the purchaser will prior to that time have received permission from any other affected owners or occupants and from all authorities whose consent is requisite thereto for such work to proceed.

11.  While every care is taken, it is further agreed between the company and the purchaser that in the event that the company causes damage of any nature to concrete paths, and/or driveways, pipes, services and garden fixtures and the like that the purchaser will indemnify the contractor for such damage and cost of repairs, provided however that the said damage was caused during the course of the company’s work.

12.  All dimensions stated are approximate and/or nominal unless otherwise noted.

13.  Unless otherwise stated the price does not include any styling work such as plugging or puttying bolt holes and nail holes, nor any finishing work, such as sanding and painting.

14.  All timber and materials are subject to movement of varying degrees.  No responsibility is taken for such movement if it is normal to the material being used.

15.  All deliveries are to be curb side only.  By special arrangement deliveries onto site can be arranged at an hourly charge determined by Abbey Road Constructions.  No responsibility is accepted for any damage caused should customer request truck or employee to enter property.

16.  Any cutting or milling of treated pine may affect its durability.  Abbey Road Constructions  recommend flood coating cut surfaces with copper napthenate timber preservative.

17.  While we seek to help in any way possible and have significant experience in many building matters, any advice or information given by Abbey Road Constructions should be regarded as general in nature.  If technical information is required, then a customer should consult qualified experts in that field.

18.  Abbey Road Constructions retains ownership of all goods until fully paid.  The customer grants to Abbey Road Constructions an unrestrained right and access to collect unpaid goods.

19.  Delays – Due to the nature of much of our work i.e. remedial, bespoke, period, detailed etc., delays may occur due to weather, design changes, awaiting special materials, extra work becoming evident after commencement etc., the owner shall not penalise Abbey Road Constructions in any way due to delays in either the commencement date or general progress of a job. 

20.  Abbey Road Constructions may require the customer to provide sufficient site access in relation to parking and keys to the property.

21.  All variations including materials will carry a builder’s margin (generally 20% but may be more in the case of some items) to cover products warranty insurances and time organising and ordering. Hidden and unforseen site conditions may incur extra costs and are not included in th quotation price.